As an artist I see everything as a potential painting. Painting is, for me, a direct connection to the past, a chance to ‘time-travel’ and relate immediately to the whole of artistic tradition that preceded me. Working with representational images and portraiture is joyful and inspiring; where the piece is a portrait, I especially enjoy pictures that confront and engage the viewer directly. I am interested in various subjects, but I always come back to portraiture.

I find inspiration in many genres including Medieval and Renaissance art, comics, Golden Age illustration, abstract expressionism, and completely conceptual works, but my strongest influences are the German and British painters of the early to mid twentieth centuries.

I live & work in the Brewery Arts Complex, Los Angeles.


The Modern Male – Bowersock Gallery, Provincetown MA

Swedish Landscapes – Lois Lambert Gallery, Bergamot Station

The Pasadena Art Show 2018

The Magnificent Seven – Coagula Gallery

Los Angeles Fine Art Show

Posers – ArtShare LA

With Liberty and Justice for Some – Walter Maciel Gallery

6 Squared – Randy Higbee Gallery

Perform – Bergamot Station

The Pasadena Art Show 2016 – Pasadena Laemmle (People’s Choice Award, 1st Place)

CA 101 – Redondo Beach

Art in the Art House 2015 – Pasadena Laemmle

Feminist Perspectives – Montalban Theater, Hollywood

Bunnymania – Chunking Gallery, Los Angeles

2015 Juried Open – Topanga Canyon Gallery

Artwalk,  2012-2018 – The Brewery, Los Angeles

Portrait of the Arts District – D Gallery, Los Angeles

Six Inches Closer to Berlin, Artwalk 30th Anniversary – The Brewery, Los Angeles